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Full Service Nationwide Subrogation

Dickstein Law provides a wide range of subrogation services to fit our client’s specific needs.  We currently represent a variety of clients (Insurance Carriers, Claims Services, Third Party Administrators, Self-Insured’s, Motor Freight Transportation Carriers) and have extensive experience handling a variety of claims both large and small, including Property, Auto, Worker’s Compensation, Deductible Recovery and Personal Injury Protection.   Claims are handled from inception through end result or we can intervene at any point along the way.

Dickstein Law has clients who assign us claims within days of the first report of the loss and we work with the public adjuster and claims handler from the very beginning.   We make a determination as to whether an expert is needed and coordinate with one of our reliable experts to investigate and/or draft a cause and origin report.  We make sure that a determination is made whether subrogation potential exists for a particular claim in a timely and efficient manner.   Dickstein Law has other clients who prefer to spend some time working through the files before seeking a legal opinion.  We are just as comfortable handling a claim the day after a loss as we are taking over a claim on the eve of an expiring statute of limitations.


Dickstein Law can handle all of your subrogation needs nationwide.  We specialize in all aspects of subrogation law for our clients and understand the complexities involved with subrogation.  Dickstein Law has the knowledge and experience to properly handle, supervise and manage subrogation claims that arise anywhere in the United States.  In addition to handling Wisconsin, New York and New Jersey matters in-house, our firm also has a network of hand-picked associate counsel located throughout the United States.  Nationwide coverage allows our clients to enjoy the convenience and efficiency of a full service firm.  We are able to provide a streamlined and efficient claims handling process that serves a one stop shop.   If local counsel is needed, Dickstein Law remains your sole point of contact for every aspect of the case.   We will negotiate a fee arrangement with local counsel and the client will never pay more than the agreed upon contingency fee or hourly rate.

Arbitration Forums, Inc.

Dickstein Law handles Arbitration Forums, Inc. filings for our clients as well.  We draft contentions, gather evidence, secure witness statements and personally represent our clients at the arbitration hearings.  Our firm handles arbitrations in all forums including Auto, Property, PIP, and Special Arbitration.  We also handle claims involving a carrier’s failure to timely pay an Arbitration Forums decision or a carrier’s refusal to honor future payments made on a PIP claim.


Dickstein Law, LLC provides clients with an open forum to ask questions and seek legal advice on issues in all 50 states, free of charge.  We have a state by state breakdown of the laws in each state on the Resources page, but you can always e-mail Brandon Dickstein directly with any questions or concerns at brandon@dicksteinsubro.com.  The law is constantly changing and evolving and we do our best to update our website’s resource materials accordingly.

Our Process

Dickstein Law will do it’s very best to accommodate each client’s specific needs and preferences.

  • New files may be e-mailed, mailed, or uploaded securely through our website.
  • Statutes can be provided monthly, quarterly, or at any interval of time you would prefer.  A detailed status can be provided on a case by case basis or a spreadsheet can be generated at regular intervals with a list of all active files for a particular client and their corresponding status.
  • Our firm typically handles files pursuant to a contingency fee agreement, but these fees can be negotiated to match each client’s specific needs.
  • We typically will take our fee out of a “gross” settlement and send the “net” recovery to the client.  Once again, this arrangement can be modified to meet a client’s needs.

Our Goal

At Dickstein Law, LLC, we emphasize providing prompt responses to our clients, while promoting efficiency and professionalism.  Ultimately our goal is to increase your subrogation recoveries.   We hope you will allow us to earn your trust, confidence, and business.

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